The 2022 People's Public Health Conference

The National Public Health Conference that Transforms Communities.

The event took place on
November 3-5, 2022

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About the Conference

The People's Public Health Conference provides a platform to democratize public health discussions and provide space for community-based and equity-focused action.
The Conference
was created in response to other public health conferences that have met in person only, require costly admissions, and have lacked focus on controlling the pandemic.

The cost of large public health conferences is prohibitive for many community leaders, students, and un/underemployed public health leaders to attend.

Our event registration involved a suggested tax-deductible donation to the Autoimmune Community Institute, our nonprofit organization dedicated to autoimmune health equity in community based research, services, and support.

Event Program and Abstract Details

Program Booklet Link with links to Prerecorded Video Abstracts

Conference Presentation Tracks:

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Community Health Advocacy

Climate Change and Health

The Public Health Workforce

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Abstracts were selected by the following Criteria:

-Quality of presentation of the information

-Demonstrated breadth and depth of topic experience or knowledge

-Contribution to the greater good of public health

-Demonstrated or Identified potential for social change

-A clear statement of next steps, call to action, etc.

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Event marketing, outreach, and facilitation and operations are conducted by the Public Health Podcast and Media Network, a small disabled and women of color enterprise.

We have a growing registered audience approaching 600 public health professionals.

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Prerecorded Video Abstract Presentations:

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